The Fez-o-Blog

June 10, 2007

still going

We’re halfway thru Sunday and are in the thick of it. The Dormers have been painted with much help from Troy’s talented hands. The warclub spine extensions are about done except for perhaps a bit of trimming The whole shebang has been […]
June 4, 2007

Week 23 – The Honu Fez!

Here is my spin on the somewhat traditional Hawaiian Sea Turtle design. Of course it is a combination of Polynesian styles as only a haole like myself would think of as traditional, but I really enjoy exploring symbols that have lasted for […]
June 3, 2007

Another Weekend Push

Well another weekend is over and once again we made some progress. There were a few missteps as well. We’re changing directions on a few elements and more than once we measured once… and “cut” a few times. The recap: The Umbrella […]
May 29, 2007


We had a big push this weekend and quite a bit was done. The rest of the umbrella panels were laid out on Friday ready for the weekend of progress. We decided to go with a water based fabric paint commonly used […]
May 27, 2007

Week 22 – The Hammer & Sickle Fez!

As a child of the 80’s I have always been fascinated by Soviet symbols. They represented what was supposed to be the biggest threat in our lifetime. When the wall came down it was almost as though our bogeyman went the way […]
May 21, 2007

We’re back baby!

Progress! The stand was welded this weekend… and yes it looks like it was done by a pack of marmosets, but a pack of marmosets with a grinder and black paint. Here you can see Entropy working his magic with his Harbor […]

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