The Fez-o-Blog

November 12, 2007

The work continues

Well the thoroughly unglamorous process of fixing the floor of my future workspace continues. I suppose I should shoot a photo or two just to fill in the gaps. Filling in the gaps, by the way is exactly what Joe and I […]
November 6, 2007

Oh what the Hell?!?

I know what you are thinking: The last few weeks have been really slow around here. Well unfortunately that is very true. We have been running ragged at work and all over the place on weekends for the last month. We simply […]
September 21, 2007

Tiki Oasis photos

Jo David posted this fun shot of the booth in full swing on Flickr. Boy that takes me back… now I can’t wait for next year. Check out more of his shots from the event here. Why don’t my photos ever look […]
September 20, 2007

The Orchid Fez

While not technically a Fez of the Week as we actually made 13 of them I would have presented it as one if I had the time prior to Tiki Oasis. This was actually designed, engineered and sewn in the 5 days […]
September 13, 2007

We’re still here!

Yeah, I had hoped to get settled into this project again by now but the rest of “life” has gotten in the way. I still don’t have a space set up for my machines and with travel plans as well as the […]
August 29, 2007

It’s like progress

For those of you that have been checking in waiting to see something new in the way of fezzes I am sorry for the delay. I have been working on the website and had hoped to have something up last night. Instead […]

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