The Fez-o-Blog

September 8, 2009

Web Work

If you have been wondering what happen to the latest updates on this blog… well we have a good reason for the lack of visible work. Ok, perhaps not a ‘good’ reason but a reason at least. Joe and I have been […]
August 22, 2009

Special Edition Pele 2 Tone

This week’s fez was one of the special limited editions that debuted at Tiki Oasis last weekend. These new 2 tone fezzes feature our new Pele design on a combo of black and dark red wavy velvet and were limited to 13 […]
August 13, 2009

We’re off to Tiki Oasis 9!!!

We’re hitting the road to San Diego for a weekend of tiki flavored fun at Tiki Oasis 9! If you are going as well be sure to stop by the booth and say “hi” …if you are not going then just turn […]
August 9, 2009

A quick preview

Here are some of the 100+ new fezzes we are packing up for Tiki Oasis this coming weekend, stacked in the traditional means of judging the collective volume of cheerleaders, beer kegs and suspected terrorists. Can’t be at Tiki Oasis in San […]
August 6, 2009

New designs!

For those of you that follow the sporatic posts on this blog you may have notice we are headed to Tiki Oasis next week. Yup, only 8 more days until the party starts and we are frantically working on new stuff. We […]
August 1, 2009

The Return of the Hipsters Fez

To coincide with Derek Yaniger’s debut at the San Diego Comic Con we decided to revisit our extremely popular collaboration with Derek: the Royal Order of Hipsters fez. The original sold out in less than 2 weeks in 2007 and we still […]