September 19, 2010

Thar be a sale!

Avast ye scurvy dogs! Fer the next twenty four turns of the hour glass we be having a sale on the most appropriate toppers for this day. For only three o’ four shares you can get the feared Jolly Roger and fly […]
May 6, 2010

The FEZ Fez returns!

One of our very early Low Profile designs returns for a limited run as in tall!  The “FEZ” fez The FEZ Fez was from our first batch of fezzes and has been retired for many years. As part of our Spring Cleaning […]
May 3, 2010

The Hei Tiki Fez

After making two prototypes it only took another two years and the great Spring Cleaning initiative to get around to making a few Hei Tikis for sale! Since this is the last of this particular fabric, we were only able to make 13 Hei […]
April 28, 2010

Spring Cleaning: The End is Nigh!

After another weekend of sewing we are nearly done with our Spring Cleaning initiative. What started out to be a way of organizing our shelves before we started cutting more fabric turned into an epic, month-long marathon of fez production. Anyone that […]
April 20, 2010

The Spring Cleaning Saga cont.

Nothing really new to report this week. We are continuing to work on clearing out our shelves and this has created a bit of a glut in our production. While there are no knew fezzes posted to the site today there is […]
April 8, 2010

Spring Cleaning Continues

Honu Fezzes are back! Our massive cleaning effort continues as we sort thru the pile of cut fabric and churn out more fezzes. The Blue Atomic and Honu fezzes have been posted and some sizes have already sold out! As a special […]

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