The building of the Fez-o-booth and its many variations.

May 5, 2013

We’re Hitting the Road pt 1: Phoenix Comicon

This month we are taking Fez-o-rama on the road as we have a pair of Cons in rapid succession. So instead of trying to get back home in time to pack for a flight right back out, we’re keeping our car pointed […]
January 10, 2012

The Fez-o-Sign: phase 1

After participating in our first comic con back in November I decided that we needed to create something special for signage in our booth. I have always had an aversion to using digitally printed signs. It isn’t that I don’t approve of […]
September 8, 2011

The HP Lovecraft Film Fest

Our next public appearance will be a Fez Friday of the Weird! On the 16th & 17th of September we will be bringing our special brand of insanity out to the Warner Grand Theater in San Pedro Ca. to take part in […]
March 21, 2011

The Project That Will Not Die!

Yes we are back at it again. Yet another update to the Fez-o-booth is on its way. First off, let me apologize to anyone who was inundated with email updates about this. I decided to merge the old Fez-o-booth blog into this […]
September 21, 2007

Tiki Oasis photos

Jo David posted this fun shot of the booth in full swing on Flickr. Boy that takes me back… now I can’t wait for next year. Check out more of his shots from the event here. Why don’t my photos ever look […]
June 10, 2007

still going

We’re halfway thru Sunday and are in the thick of it. The Dormers have been painted with much help from Troy’s talented hands. The warclub spine extensions are about done except for perhaps a bit of trimming The whole shebang has been […]

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