December 30, 2016

Kilt Man’s PVC Fez Rack Build

Scrolling through my Instagram feed during the holiday weekend I came across this post from Doug featuring his hand-crafted solution for displaying his growing fez collection. I immediately asked if I could share this on the blog. It is such a simple yet […]
May 30, 2011

#60 The Golden Scepter Fez

February 21, 2011

#50 The Mignola Fez

I wanted to do something a bit special for the big “five oh” fez and I’m happy to report that is exactly what we have here. I am thrilled to present the Mignola Fez, a design done with the specific purpose of […]
February 5, 2009

Taking a swing against cancer!

We’re back at it again this year! Maya, Joe and I are joining with 26 of our closest friends to dance for 24 hours and raise money for the City of Hope Hospital! So how can you help fight cancer?Why, by getting […]
January 15, 2009

The Fender Custom Shop Fez

Last year we were contacted by the Fender Custom Shop to do a set of custom fezzes for them. Now we don’t do all of the requests we get but this was a hard one to turn down. I mean besides having […]
December 1, 2008


This week we’re featuring a special order we did for some of our friends serving over in Baghdad. These were designed in conjunction with the guys overseas and feature our first application of our new fez vents for hotter climates. The photo […]

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