Welcome to my little experiment in random design and personal whim.

The problem with coming up with new ideas is that there are always a few random thoughts that just won’t go away. These are the ones that strike you as funny at the moment but don’t necessarily find their place in the world. This project is a clearing house for all of those ideas. They could be something we feel simply needed to be done or perhaps we felt they would only have a very limited appeal. Some will be personal designs for friends or inside jokes that no one will understand. Honestly, we don’t really care, we just need to get them off our chests.
Some of these designs will be available for purchase, some will find their way to events or auctions and some will be taken even before I get around to posting them. A few could even make it into limited production if we manage to come up with something people are interested in. Take a look around – let us know if you find anything interesting – and if you don’t find anything you like… there is always next week.
Since these are one-off designs, if you are interested in buying one of the Fez of the Week fezzes please drop us an email: question *at* Fez-o-rama. We will try to keep availability up to date but it is first come, first served. No rain checks.